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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  August 10, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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move than deal with outside lands again. the party is over. the neighbors are celebrating. why some say they would rather move than deal with outside land again. good evening,. sharon chin is live at golden gate park tonight where fans are still streaming out, sharon? >> reporter: well, most people left by now, take a look at the kind of mess they left behind. that is one of the thing neighbors are worried about. >> a swarm of music fans swarm out of golden gate park on the last night of the outside land festival. neighbors that live across the street could not wait for the 7th annual event to end. >> somebody actually moved our motorcycle that was parked in
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the street and they moved it into our driveway so they can take the spot. >> reporter: her street has been closed to car traffic. extra secity -- extra security but other problems remain. >> people leaving beverages, they don't care, they throw them in the bushes, urinating on driveways. >> another neighbor says parking is impossible for those that live nearby. >> if you have to take your child to the doctor in an emergency, which i had to do on friday. it took me 1 1/2 hours to find a parking spot. meanwhile my car is now almost about 1 1/2 miles from my house. >> other residents say the the concerts have been too loud. organizers say technicians adjusted the sound systems after getting a dozen complaints on saturday. >> it does not bother me. i just do it. >> reporter: as for the giant 3-day festival? >> performers are great. >> it is awesome. a lot of great people. >> great. >> reporter: police detained
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35 people for selling couldn'ter fit tickets. arrest one person for drugs and 9 for public drunkenness and issued crytations for people sneaking in without a ticket. as for the neighbors some, say they rather not be around when the fest valrolls around again. the mother we talked to she said she will be moving. other neighbors they say they don't mind the musical all. brian? >> reporter: all right, thank you very much. new tonight, firefighters are getting control of a 4 alarm fire on the island marine barracks that has been abandoned went up in smoke. not clear how the fire started. nobody was hurt. two motorcycle riders were killed in san francisco after somebody shot at them. the police say it happened as the victims went down lasalle avenue. one was shot and then they crashed.
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both men died at the hospital. nobody knows the gunfire or the crash. the shooter has not been caught yet. a grim discovery, reports of a foul odor in a motel room led the police to decomposing bodies. two women died. the police did not expect foul play. things are getting heated in st. louis. anger and unrest, following the shooting death of an unarmed teenager. >> reporter: looters ransacked darkened stores and ran through the streets of missouri late sunday night. anger is running high following the death of 18-year-old michael brown at the hands of a police officer. angry protesters faced off against the police in riot gear. >> earlier in the day. an emotional crowd gathered at police headquarters calling for justice.
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>> it is going to be a long journey for us, a battle. because, nobody is really telling us the truth of what happened to my nephew. >> reporter: the shooting occurred near an apartment complex in the suburb last saturday afternoon. st. louis county police chief said it all began when the officer encountered two people. one of whom was brown. he says somehow a struggle began when one of the men pushed the officer as he was trying to get out of his squad car. >> after that. the officer went back -- came back out of the car. exited the vehicle and, and there was a shooting that occurred where the officer, in fact, shot the suspect. >> reporter: this man lives in the neighborhood and says the officer shot brown multiple times, even after he put his arms up. >> he shot him in the face and chest and shot him multiple times. >> reporter: the police department is handling the investigation. attorneys with the justice department civil rights are
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looking into it. >> they are upset thats his body remained in the street for hours. the officer has been identified only as a six year veteran of the force. lightning strikes have firefighters worried tonight. they are dealing with a lot of fires ignited by dry thunderstorms. kelly ryan reports with resources stretched thin, they can't handle much more. >> they have seen lightning strikes on the ground. >> reporter: firecrews are battling 10 fires in northern california and now they are on even more highway alert as thunderstorms roll in parts of northern california. >> thunderstorms when they build up, you will see them build up, look like they are brewing then, they will collapse in on itself and it will push the winds out and if it hits the fire it will push the fire out. >> reporter: according to the forest service, lightning sparked 26 wildfires in northern california since august 1st.
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>> we have a number of them. >> they say the drought is making the battle tougher as dry grass fuels the flames. with current fires not expected to be fully contained for weeks, firecrews say they are stretched thin. >> we are getting a look from the national guard. out there with their helicopters and they deployed 240 hand crew. >> the battle on the ground is not worth the risk when thunderstorms are a threat. >> well that is how it looked with a camera. you can see it from satellite. the thunderstorms exploding over the sierra today. you can see it spreading over the spine of the sierra all afternoon. the thunderstorms are quieting down after sunset. but more will light up the mountain skies tomorrow. >> one of those lightning sparked fires, kelly just mentioned is still burning out of control tonight. the fire has grown to more than 8500 acres. it is threatening about 60 buildings and people have been evacuated.
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8 members of a firecrew were burned on friday when the flames overtook them. all released from the hospital and are recovering at home tonight. >> meanwhile u.s. forest service crews have agreed holding off. tphaoepbt decrease the >> the feds are trying it to work it out with fish and wildlife. >> the investigators are continuing to question nascar driver tony stewart about a deadly crash. it happened last night on a dirt track in upstate new york. you can see kevin ward junior get out over his car after it was pushed into the wall. then he appears to be gesturing towards stewart. moments later he was struck while standing on the track with cars racing by. ambulance were on the scene in seconds. ward died about an hour later. if it was intentional only stewart knows. investigators aim to find out. >> there is no evidence in hand
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or no facts that would sup port a criminal charge or support criminal intent. >> stew either has a reputation of being an aggressive driver. he chose not to -- stewart has a reputation of being an aggressive driver. he chose not to compete in today's race. converting to islam or death. thousands of refugees fled into the mountains as militants took over their town. now they are stranded. some are dying from dehydration and starvation. the u.s. and britain are dropping food and water but so far it has not been enough. but there is some progress. u.s. launched air strikes this morning helped the kurdish forces regain control of two northern towns. there is a fragile peace in the middle east as hamas and israeli soldiers agree to another 72 hour cease-fire. it leads to negotiations to continue.
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they are going to end the attack on gaza. in return they want hamas to give up their weapon. in nearly a month of fighting more than 1900 palestinians have been killed. along with 67 israelis. earlier the fighting got very close to this cnn crew, he dove to the floor when the bomb went off behind him. you can see how close the targeted building was to the crew. this happened as he was preparing for a live report. another blast as you saw there, later follows. making him and the crew jump again. nobody on the crew was hurt. he beat me, tried to kill me. >> video made national news, tonight the california grandmother hit by a chp officer speaks out for the first time. why the chp says she is not telling the whole story. thrill seekers get more
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than they bargain for when a roller coaster leaves them hanging. the temperatures will be up and down this week. we are getting a break in the clouds. we will show you the bay area by the light of the super moon. the brightest full moon of the year now showing, details, coming up ,,,, s] ,,,, the wait is over for even faster internet. xfinity is now doubling the internet speed... ...on two of our most popular plans. xfinity continues to innovate,
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bringing you the fastest, most reliable internet...period. xfinity internet from comcast, now double the speed. a c-h-p officer caught on ca beating a woman on the sidea busy los angeles fre it has been more than a
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month since this video surtpased of a chp officer beating a woman on the side of a busy los angeles freeway. that woman is talking publicly for the first time about what happened. she spoke to cbs reporter carl evans. >> can you tell me what you remember about those moments? >> he just pulled me, brutally, threw me down, started beating me, banging me, trying to kill me, trying to beat me to death, take my life away. for no reason, dinothing to him. i don't know -- i did nothing to him. >> reporter: mar marlene is recovering. she was beaten by a los angeles officer. a portion of it was captured on camera by a passing driver. >> what is he doing that for? she claims it is the first time she watched the entire 41 second video. >> i did not know why i was having that happen to me. >> reporter: the video does not show what happened in the moments leading up to it. it is not clear why she, who is
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homeless for five years, was wondering on the freeway in the first place. >> what were are you doing before you were confronted by that officer? >> reporter: her attorney interjected. >> we realize there is an interest in what she may or may not have been doing. but, i am going to instruct her not to answer that question at this time. >> reporter: the california highway patrol took her to a hospital for a mental evaluation. >> my hands were handcuffed behind my back. hes toed me in the car and drove -- he tossed me in the car and drove off with me. >> reporter: she ignored his commands and walked into oncoming traffic. after the video was made public, chp commissioner tried to calm community out rage. >> my response as well as the response of my command staff is one of grave concern if not shocking. >> reporter: that was the last public comment from the highway patrol. while the investigation continues the officer has been assigned to desk duty. >> what do you want to see happen to this officer?
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>> fired. lose his job. >> he beat her up. >> my gosh, why? >> when this was happening to you, did you think people would believe you? >> the video footage helped to prove that what i am saying is the truth. and i am really grateful for that. >> reporter: she is now filing a federal civil rights lawsuit against the officer. her attorney wants him to face criminal charges. carter evans, cbs news, los angeles. >> it will be weeks before the investigation wraps up. >> california lawmakers are requiring universities to define consentule sex on campuses, it will be used in investigating sexual investigation. if passed it will be the first of its kind. obviously colleges that get public funds for financial aid would be required to follow the
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law. [indiscernible] >> less than 24 hours later, a stowaway was caught at the airport again, scanning the terminals. she said she is homeless and she feels safer in airports than on the street. all runways are back in operation, two of them have been closed since may for safety upgrades. the work included installing concrete blocks that will slow down any plane that overshoots landing. the runway reopened this afternoon a month ahead of schedule. well, did you see it? appearing in bay area skies at moon rise tonight, 10 minutes after 8:00. the super moon. the closest, brightest, new moon of the year. do we have a live shot? we should. sitting right out there in the beautiful skies above san francisco. and you can see it live. you know, we are lucky to even see something like that. after all, earth is the first
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planet out from the sun to actually have a moon. and tonight that moon is closer than it will be all year. you look at what has to be time lapse. the low clouds going in over the moon. a beautiful shot. let's just explain quickly it will appear in the skies all night tonight. the largest and brightest full moon of the year. visible all night as long as you don't get many of them. it appears 8% larger than the average full moon. if you can -- if you can tell the difference between that and tonight's super moon. you are a better man than me. but it is a great night to have a look at it any way. here is the golden gate bridge. the numbers around the bay area, 63 degrees, concord, oakland, 62. 61 degrees, santa rosa, 57. here is how it looks out the door tomorrow morning. drizzle on the shoreline. everybody else will have sun. more sun tomorrow. now, overcast for the peninsula. and the east bay shoreline. a little more sun tomorrow than
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we had today to start things out with. we finish warm, inland, midel 80ss, around the bay, 77 degrees, low 60s along the coast. nice and mild for the next 48 hours, at least. a little bit of a warm up later in the week. the low, also, dragging subtropical moisture up from this part of the state and over to the sierra. triggering the thunderstorms out that away. they had spectacular lightning around lake tahoe today. for us, the usual low clouds along the shoreline. this is what things should look like, things evolve between now and sunset. we will freeze this at sunrise tomorrow. i am sorry, midday tomorrow. you can see most of the low clouds coming back to the shoreline. mostly sunny day. now we roll it on through sunset tomorrow night and the low clouds pack back in along the shoreline. that is the flow of theace perusual in summertime. we get the super -- the as perusual in summertime. we get the super moon, and 80s
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all week. that is where we should be for this time of the year. the forecast for san francisco, 68 degrees in concord. 84. averages within 2-3 degrees of where average should be. so, typical august day. not exactly as neil diamond put it, hot august night. in the forecast, highs department, 81 degrees, 80% santa clara and 88 degrees down at morgan hill. in the east bay, plenty warm with 83 at brentwood, 82 in san ramoan. just not as warm as it has been lately. for tomorrow, north bay some, low clouds, starting the day out tomorrow. then, sunshine coming out. sunny skies inland. usual low clouds along the shoreline. the bay all week, in the middle 70s, that is what is coming up in terms of weather in terms of the news, bet secoming up next. a terrifying tweet goes out after yahoo gets hacked.
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plus, roller coaster riders left hanging for hours. the unusual item firefighters gave them to make their extended stay a bit more comfortable i'm dennis o'donell, coming up next on "gameday." can we -- can we pass the torch from tiger to rory? the finish, something we never seen. we have john, the a's, the 49er receiver, great interview coming up next ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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riders got stuck at this "s flags" in this is probably more of a
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thrill than they were expecting. two dozen roller coaster riders got stuck at the sixx flags in maryland when the roller coaster stopped at the top of the turn. they handed out umbrellas to everyone to protect themselves from sun. a fake tweet caused a real scare tonight. the announcement of an ebola outbreak in atlanta. it was the result of hackers. yahoo sent out a tweet telling people not to worry. who was behind it? nobody knows. by now you probably seen the viral tv interview of the apparently, kid. >> i have never been on live television before. >> now he inspired a line of clothing. he dubbed apparently kid because he says apparently over and over again. creative thinking came up with a t-shirta that is selling like
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hot cakes at the wayne county fair. >> the wheels started turning, we had some shirts laying around here, we just started printing. came in early today. >> well, they are going for $10 each. all of the proceeds are going to shriners hospital for children. still ahead, they call it the ninja turtle effect. why bay area animal shelters are worried about it. and a race to remember at today's giant's game. the mishap that got a runner a standing ovation and national attention. [ laughter ] ,,,,
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their way to the top of the office. it was number- one by a long shot.. raking in 65-million dollars in its opening weekend. "teenage mutant ninja turtles" number one by a longshot. bringing in $65 million if in the opening weekend. bay area animal shelters are facing a flood of unwanted pet turtles, bought by people who are not prepared to care for them. they are reminding people that owning a turtle is a major commitment especially if you have one that chases your cat.
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